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Our Team: Experienced Niche IT Recruitment

Welcome to Niche

Niche is not just another recruitment company, we are Experts.

With a combined 50 years experience among our partners we pride ourselves of our "thinking outside the box" approach. At niche We have two type of clients, the employee and the employer. We provide both with the same quality service.

As we enter our 5th year in Dubai we have naturally evolved from recruiting Niche IT experts (SAP & Oracle) to focus our niche formula to customers in Management Consulting, Marketing & Advertising, Pharma & Healthcare, ICT & Finance.

We are now using our successful market approach which we relied on for the IT sector with modern recruitment methodologies to fill the niche Talents gap efficiently primarily in the EMEA & SEA regions.

Our clients don't care how much we know until they know how much we care.

Please feel free to test the Niche formula.

Our key team members:


Ali el Jishi

Ali el Jishi

Today, finding top talent is the priority for executives across the globe.

With the rise of social sourcing, searching for talent is getting easier & easier, but selecting & delivering talent is a craft.

At Niche we have built a strong global network of talent nearing 50k on linked in alone, but more importantly our senior partners have a combined experience of 45 years in HR & Recruitment.

We can not only pinpoint the right talent for your organisation in the vast and global evolving crowd of profiles but also select & deliver the top of that talent.

Niche’s areas of expertise. Are IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing & Healthcare but we can confidently say there is nothing we can not source.



Denitza Harizanova

Denitza Harizanova

Like most senior recruitment professionals I have found myself working as recruiter just by “accident”. I've always wanted to connect my occupational psychology background to the corporate environment and to the Human Resources; in other words – to people, the building block of the workforce.

When I just started my first job in recruitment back in 2008 I thought this would it would be a great opportunity to apply my academic know-how to the field and to grow as an expert. More than 7 years later I look back and I am stunned!

What a journey this has been… I've surely learned a lot and certainly did not expect recruitment to be so complex, so unexpected, frustrating at times but also so rewarding.

The roller coaster of recruitment as I once called it has been and still is my ride :)

The thing about a recruiters’ world is that no matter how experienced one may be in the skill of people relations, sales or negotiation one can never be entirely prepared for the magnitude of the task called Recruitment. What I have been fortunate enough to learn and what I believe differentiate us recruiters is our approach and our commitment. The commitment to the promises we make, to the people we work with, to the job and to ourselves above all.

The craft of recruitment is a delicate one, and I love mastering it!



Patrick Visouthivong

Patrick Visouthivong

I have been doing recruitment internationally for nearly 10 years now. At the beginning of my career, my focus was Europe and most of my efforts were dedicated to placing freelance consultants. Today I am focused on placing professionals on permanent basis.

My place of action is worldwide, but I dedicate particular focus on Asia - as a Chinese born in France this was for me the best way to “link back” to my origins, but also in the UAE where our office is based ;) but of course Europe also.

On one hand,  my target is to help my clients by identifying the best talent for their company, on the other hand my efforts go to help candidates make a change and find a “better” career opportunity.

Why do I do what I do? The thing is that I really love being involved in human relationships. Talking with people across the world on daily basis is for me an amazing experience. I studied computer science, however I couldn’t see myself behind a computer developing codes..

This is the main reason why I switched to business. Essentially, making people happier by being able to offer them a totally new or a different challenge, or simply make them feel the boost of a new job opportunity is a non measurable feeling for me.

Every candidate, after being hired by a client, shares their gratitude and this is what makes me carry on changing & creating peoples’ future ;)



Mathieu Bourgeois

Mathieu Bourgeois

Since I joined the recruitment industry in 2000, I have progressively gained experience in dealing with market leading corporations, encompassing very different company cultures within highly multicultural environments.

Today, hiring top talent is the priority for executives across the globe: Wise profitable decisions are taking into account tangible but more importantly intangible assets. Human Capital related decisions (e.g: recruitment) are the core at creating this future value for a large growing number of businesses. Their impact on bottom-line profits is growing.

The solutions are not set in stone. They are tailored to any given hiring situation:

-Offering candidates diverse open positions which fit with their types of company’s cultures.
-Offering customers creative options which allow them to be eventually ahead of the competition.
-Proposing an International recruitment market experience and approach to every challenge I am being offered.

I enjoy a proven ability to identify and represent accurate niche candidates in ICT and Finance sectors for permanent or contracting open positions. Mastering the full process from customer requirement fine-tuning to contract finalisation, I also build recruitment consultant teams in order to achieve specific objectives and missions.

My core motivations are:
-To participate in solving dead-end corner recruitment situations.
-To insure intangible assets such as corporate branding and reputation are being subtlety handled.
-To manage recruitment campaigns with a fine mixture of “old school” and “modern school” craft of recruitment and know-how.
-To bring the most valuable solutions to all those who provide me with their trust and resources.

Like any nice and sweet Golf swing, any effective recruitment process is the result of a day in/day out disciplined training and learning process which aims to reach a very specific target. All parties involved can then enjoy a brand new kick off for the best.