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Niche has a preferred working methodology known as an Engagement Fee (EF)
As the global talent war hoots up we believe quality recruitment can only be achieved using a unique methodology. With the advancement of social sourcing in recent years identifying talent is not a complicated task, however selecting & seducing passive talent is a true craft.
To secure top niche talent both, the client and recruiter must be committed to the process and this is where the EF mythology is most effective. 
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Is it worth it ..?

We try to recruit highly talented and skilled resources with several years of experience from the market as the work we deliver to our customers require such kind of expertise.  Over the past couple of years, we have engaged with Niche to help us find such resources & to fill up our positions as when they are made available.  I must say that Niche has helped a lot in this regard and most of our key positions have been filled by resources coming from their team.

Sometimes we screen tons of resumes  for one role  & the profiles we receive from Niche are often in multiples of 10 for one single  opening!

This made us convinced that EF justifies the service and the quality resources we are receiving.  Based on this when  it came to make a decision on the  Engagement fee, we had no hesitancy in agreeing to the concept. Thus far this  decision has proved fruitful.

Best Regards

S.V. | Head of Operations

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